The digital world of our art medium changes so quickly, that anyone who tells you they are “on top of it” is being less than forthright with you. That said, each of us must find our own way. It’s not easy! We muddle….we fumble….we grovel & groan. But…above all…we learn. Some of my plans for 2012 are based on the learning I experienced in 2011. Read some of the highlights in the “2011 – Reflecting” section below, and you will begin to grasp the issues involved.

One of my admiring-inspiring foci has been the work and writings of Alain Briot ( In his “Artist’s Statement” for 2011 he deftly outlines some of the struggles we all are experiencing in this field ( In this piece, Alain presents a variety of forces present in the digital-film worlds, and how he deals with them.

This year I hope to deal with some of those forces in new ways. One of those is to exhibit more. Print large…and see what there is to see. A large print can be amazing in its impact. It is also a “truth-teller.” It tells the “truth” about what the photographer was trying to do-see-share. When it “works”…it provides an intense learning experience. When it does NOT “work”…well….I have to struggle to “learn!” Such is the creating life….

I want to thank my good friend and pro-shooter companion, Ted Miller ( He contributed the photo you see this year. Yes, we’re (all) getting older. Some of us are having a tougher time with that than others. I don’t pack all my camera gear around as easily anymore. Ted is young and strong…but he shames me into packing my own stuff still. I can only hope….

One of the 3-year horizon projects I have is translating, and (of course!) illustrating the DaoDeJing. Many of you will already know my work in Process Philosophy, and so will recognize the foundational connections. I am working directly with a Chinese scholar, Meijun Fan, Ph.D., living here in the USofA, and she’s keeping me strictly honest in my work! We are about 25% complete in our efforts, and we hope to present a paper at an international conference in 2015. We have a lot of work to do….so we’re devoting significant amounts of time each week working toward completion. That limits my time available for SeeingTao photographically…but…I’m managing …so far!

And finally (at least for now…!), another friend, Barry Shapiro, and I are hoping to congeal a wild idea about forming a cooperative photography gallery right here in picturesque Silverton, Oregon. This is a very artistic-intense area, with several hubs of creative activity including galleries, co-ops, associations, and such. For now, it’s just a warm idea. We’re hoping to incubate it to hatching! I’ll keep you posted as the process unfolds.

I’ll try to add more news on a regular basis…let’s hope I make good on the intending!