The winter of 2017-2018 proved to offer some great special-weather shooting…cold, but with innovative lighting, and rare (for the American Pacific Northwest) subject compositions. I had recently upgraded my Leaf Aptus MFDB to a Credo-60, plus I had the great good fortune of trading my Hassy Flexbody for a Silvestri Flexicam. That was one wondrous trade!

The Silvestri allows me to use full “camera movements,” where the Flexbody allowed only tilt+rise/fall. Also, with the Silvestri, I can use a sliding-back adapter, and never have to remove the MFDB from the camera to expose a frame. In changeable weather conditions, this is a real benefit!

My productivity that winter was a joy! It’s lots of work, but be not deterred! “Camera-movements” broaden your range of skills, even considering the (relatively) smaller size of the digital sensor compared with 4×5 sheet film. Once you become comfortable with these “movements,” they open doors to your creativity you can’t reach otherwise. Computer software does NOT approach what the actual optics produce. Be assured!

That doesn’t mean I no longer take the Sinar P-2 on-location. It’s just that having the Silvestri in my pack, means I can move a bit faster, and dodge bad weather more easily!