It’s February now, and I’m feeling a bit anxious about upgrading my website from a Flash-based format to a WordPress-based one. I hoped it would be easy, but it hasn’t been. My web-guru has been working to ensure things function properly, and I have partnered with a local custom printing service (Gango Custom Printing, in Portland, Oregon) to provide professional printing+mounting+matting+framing for potential customers. We’ll see how all this works, once it’s up-and-running.

The book about to be published is a new English translation of the ancient Chinese wisdom-metaphors called DaoDeJing. These metaphors have been a source of inspiration for me for more time than I can recall. Actually, the inspiration has been largely subliminal, not always overtly explicit. When I look back on my 50+years of shooting, and browse my portfolio, I see that I have been “trying-to-see” the “unseeable,” a foundation of DaoDeJing. That’s not immodesty, that’s “becoming-humble” in a very real sense, 不敢?天下先 (bù gǎn wéi tiān xià xiān: not trying to become the “best” in the world).

The book became a labor-of-love, and lured my creativity for many years in its making. Now, within the next few weeks, it should appear in-print, with more than 50+images from 50+years of photography, helping me “see” myself in perspective….an ever-changing perspective. I hope you enjoy reading-viewing-experiencing these ancient wisdom-metaphors and images, as I have enjoyed their unfolding together.