SEEINGTAO is an experience of “Opening to Possibility.” It is more a process than a product. The images you experience here are the first steps in an exchange between my SEEINGTAO and your SEEINGTAO. I’m working on my part of the exchange. Together we’ll start on your part. SEEINGTAO is like a warm blanket on a cold winter evening, like a cool swim on a hot summer day, like a bracing breeze on a fall morning, like a tantalizing fragrance in spring. It is many things to each of us, and yet all of them together. I began SEEINGTAO when I realized I was doing photography for reasons I could not readily express. It was then I knew something else was happening.


I was born after WW-II ended, and I spent my formative adolescent years on a variety of farms. My re-creating from farming was mountaineering, philosophy and science. In the summer of 1965 I was an exchange student to Germany, and bought my first 35-mm range-finder cameras from a pawn shop, a Kodak and a Wollensak. I exposed 40-rolls of transparencies, with a humbling 90% success rate, and I was hooked. I have been working behind the lens ever since.

I am neither a “landscape” photographer, nor a “nature” photographer; neither a “wildlife” photographer, nor an “abstract” photographer; neither a “studio” photographer, nor a “portrait” photographer. I am none of these, and yet all of these. When you explore my Portfolio, you will see for yourself what I mean.


The images you encounter here are the “public” portion of my work. The “private” portion is like the underbelly of a whale, more felt than seen. I do not “take” photographs. Neither do I “make” them. Similarly they do not “take” me, or “make” me. Instead they are like steps on a journey: an unfolding journey of integrating the actualities-of-living with the possibilities-of-living. They carry an evocative character that cannot be expressed in technical terms, or technical procedures. Today I use a variety of cameras, from a pocket-grade mini, to a studio-grade Large Format with a full complement of lenses. I work collaboratively with professional labs, whose processing expertise and capabilities are state-of-the-art. However, computer-aided refinement is minimal. Each image is the direct result of SeeingTao through the lens. I do not tout a particular paper or a particular printing method as “the best.” These aspects of the photographic process change rapidly with technology, and I choose between various combinations to meet specific needs. Each image will remain artistically viable for longer than a lifetime, with careful treatment and minimal exposure to the sun.

The images in my Portfolio are unnamed. I find that “naming” an image unnecessarily limits its interpretive possibilities. Instead, a unique number is associated with each image to reference its origination and development.

SEEINGTAO is a process, not an art show. This interactive process grows and changes as you live in and around the image. And you will begin to see your own images emerge from that process as well.


My pricing is a direct function of my costs of working. The prices are not designed to convey a sense of “accomplishment” or “success” or “status.” I do not use marketing ploys like “Limited Editions” to lure you with the omen of increasing prices. I try to value my work as it values me: modestly, without pretense. The only “edition” that exists publically of my work is what you see here in my Portfolio. As I change and grow, my relationship to each image changes and grows. And as an image needs to leave the Portfolio, for whatever reason, I will remove it from circulation. That is a function of my own sense of SEEINGTAO. I know it when I see it. Some images may remain in the Portfolio, yet change somewhat, as my relationship to them changes. This also is a function of my SEEINGTAO.

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